Presidents Highlights, Dec. 2021

Great News. The CKSD School Board approved our Operating Agreement on November 17th. The Agreement will run through December 31, 2023. Our CKSD partner has significantly contributed to SCC’s mission and our community’s vitality. I expect this good relationship to continue.

The November Holiday Craft Fair was a great success and splendid community gathering. Over 300 people visited the 2 day event. We have really talented people making crafts in our community.

The December holiday gathering for members has been postponed due to Covid concerns. A large number of members indicated that they would not attend. Please contact a board member if you have suggestions for a member event in the near future.

Thank you for completing the “Community Center Interest Survey” on our web site Community priorities and needs come from survey data, tracking attendance and community comments. The survey, to date, indicates that the most desired activities are: food events, farmer’s markets, rummage sale, sports & fitness and game nights.

I’m exploring a Speakers Forum. I have been in contact with a few groups that are willing to provide a speaker. Topics could be science, environment, wellness and entertainment. Please send me your ideas.

Pam and I are thankful for relatively good health, a caring family, wonderful neighbors, dependable friends and the best community. We wish the season fills your hearts with love, the blessings of hope and the promise of peace.

Cheers, Don


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