Presidents Highlights - Sept 6, 2021

The four Community Markets held this summer have all been very popular. The last market of the season will be Sunday afternoon September 19th. This event is expected to be the biggest of the season with many activities for people of all ages. Please thank the volunteers and vendors who have worked hard to make these markets successful.

County Commissioner Ed Wolfe visited SCC on August 26th for a tour. I briefed Commissioner Wolfe on the history of SCC and we toured the campus together. Commissioner Wolfe was impressed by what our community of volunteers has accomplished. He offered help and he will promote SCC.

A second edition of the “Seabeck Star” is out. Copies are available at downtown Seabeck businesses. Please look for this newsletter that is designed for SCC members. The “Seabeck Star” on line contains a link to an article on the history of SCC over the first 15 months.

We will be wearing masks at indoor events, gatherings and meetings until the governing authorities of our state and county inform us that masks are no longer needed. The resumption of masks and virus concerns have impacted some SCC events. Please check for updates.

I made my first batch of wild huckleberry scones of the season and they are yummy. The blue and black berries are a little smaller than usual this year and a little less plentiful. Go out in the neighborhood or forest and pick some. The birds, deer and bears will be happy to share the berries with you.

Cheers, Don


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