Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

Leadership/SCC Internal Job Descriptions

Volunteers are the heart of our Community Center. Their support plays a major role in our success.
Volunteers help to accomplish our mission to connect people, expand perspectives and encourage
dialog about Seabeck.

These Leadership positions are filled by active members who volunteer their time and talent.
The leaders of these activities are called the “chair” of the activity.


1. Facilities Provide regular checks on power, water and sewer to assure that these utilities are functioning properly. This includes heating, lighting, plumbing, power, mechanical systems and outdoor areas. Work with SCC Safety & Security and SCC Internet Technology to resolve issues as necessary (alarms, entries, internet etc.). Interface with CKSD to resolve issues and to request changes. Follow CKSD formal process for requesting work orders. Develop a facility improvement plan, near term and long range.

2. Background Checks Interface with WA State POC in Olympia. Submit names of officers, directors and leadership people. Validate successful background checks and keep records as required by CKSD.

3. Library/Learning Center Design, develop and maintain a library with some historic characteristics that are similar to the original one room schoolhouse library. Develop learning activities for all ages and abilities. Develop and coordinate children’s activities that complement CKSD programs. Work with SCC Children’s Activities Team.

4. Membership Maintain membership records. Recruit new members and keep members active. Conduct community outreach. Assign member numbers.

5. Programs & Services Identify and develop programs and services based on the needs and priorities of the community. Interact with the community and CKSD to optimize activities. Conduct an annual survey of SCC customers for input into developing new activities and keeping existing activities. Develop and approve request for use forms.  Seek Board of Directors approval as necessary to comply with SCC’s Operating Agreement and ByLaws.

6. Safety & Security Develop building entrance and exit procedures. Develop a building safety plan. Guidelines and Rules for use. Perform checkups on safety and security. Work with CKSD to satisfy their requirements and resolve issues that may arise including CKSD alarms and video monitoring systems.

7. Housekeeping Maintain building interior. Cleaning equipment, supplies & trash removal. Keep custodial data sheets.

8. Scheduler Maintain the SCC master schedule. This is the go to person to schedule SCC meetings, recurring events, one-time events, special events and rentals. The Scheduler will work with Programs & Services, Board of Directors and Chairs to develop a master schedule and resolve conflicts.

9. Website Design, develop and maintain software. Provide data entry.

10. Internet Technology Interface with PUD and CKSD representatives to maintain reliable internet service. Provide recommendations on the purchase of SCC computers and peripherals. Maintain configuration control. Coordinate and resolve issues with SCC Facilities Chair.

11. Counselor Provide guidance on SCC bylaw compliance and recommend bylaw changes. Provide assurance that SCC is in compliance with the CKSD/SCC Operating Agreement. Provide assurance that State and Federal requirements are being met to maintain SCC non-profit status.

12. Donations An advocate for monitory and material donations. The clearinghouse for all donations. Keep records. Make sure material donations are coordinated with directors/chairs and match SCC needs.

13. Communications Read and answer all e-mail to SCC. Promptly acknowledge incoming e-mail to sender. Seek out answers from documents, officers, chairs and/or directors as needed.

14. Fix It Shop Establish and manage a “Fix It Shop” as a community resource within SCC. Provide minor repairs to small appliances, fixtures, furnishings and hardware.

15. Children’s Activities Organize and Provide events for children. These events may be games, arts and crafts. The events may be learning or just fun and socializing. Adults supervise these events, teen help is encouraged. (children and teens will be our future SCC leaders) The chair and committee should coordinate activities with the Library/Learning Center. Also, learning events should be coordinated with CKSD educational programs that can be reinforced at SCC.

16. Historian Write up and update the history of SCC. This should include key events, milestones and leadership records. Research the history of the Seabeck School and update the write up on the SCC website giving credit to sources.

17. Organization Develop and keep current an organizational chart of the SCC leadership. This chart is for SCC internal use. The chart includes names and positions of all officers, directors, chairs and team members.

18. President The president is a volunteer and executive director of SCC. Develops the agenda and chairs all board meetings. A voting member and director. Reviews SCC commitment report actions at board meetings. See bylaws 6.2

19. Vice President All the duties of president when the president is not available. A voting director at board meetings. See bylaws 6.5

20. Secretary The secretary develops, reviews and updates SCC documents, this includes; commitment report, meeting minutes, rules, guidance and operations. A member and voting director. See bylaws 5.10 & 6.6

21. Treasurer The Treasurer is a voting board member. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping and maintaining adequate and accurate accounts, business transactions and other matters customarily included in financial statements. see bylaws 6.7 & 10.1

22. Directors SCC shall be governed by a Board of Directors. The “Board” shall have all the rights, powers. privileges and limitations of liability of directors of a Non-Profit corporation organized under the Non-Profit Corporation Act of the State of Washington.

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